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 Posted: Sun Aug 29th, 2010 11:18 pm
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Diane McElhaney


I have this really cool 'fan heater' that I can't find any info on.  40's to 50's 'atomic age', I guess.  I call this color "industrial green" - my own term.  Works great.  Can go table or floor.  5 speeds.  1 mode (heat only, the way it was made).  4 aluminum ? blades, 3 to 3 & 1/4" each, force the heat out.  Heat comes via 2 interior heating coils which wrap twice around the inside perimeter of the cage.  Stands like 10 & 1/2"tall.  Cat. No. F41H1 or F4IHI.  Sorry, I think the top pic is the back - should be the other way around.  Can anyone fill me in on these?  Must be rare or HTF - ?  :eyes  Thanks.

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