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 Posted: Wed Sep 1st, 2010 12:11 am
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Hello everyone, has been ages since I had a post on here. I have a Mid to late 30's Westinghouse Darth vader Oscillating fan that I don't use as I want to downsize my collection for less hefty fans so to speak. To my knowledge fan is all original a needs a bit of cleaning nothing a collector wont do. In one of the photos you will notice a place on the base where the previous owned had tape. I didnt want to use a chemial to get this off so it remains. Anyway as many of you know these came in multi speed mine did not it is single speed 10" size. The fan works very well and blows a ton of air nothing like you would find in a store today. There is a date tag on the bottom of the motor with what appears to be a date in the upper right corner of 11-25-1936. Im asking $50 for the fan but will entertain decent offer's.. Buyer pays actual shipping and Ins if they choose to Ins the fan.. Thanks! For those interested please feel free to mail me at as I check that email daily and seldom any others

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