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 Posted: Thu Sep 1st, 2011 08:46 am
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Steve Stephens

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You still have a nice fan.  A proper GE cage shouldn't be too hard to find.  The cage on the fan now is a Robbins  & Myers made cage rebadged for Western Electric.  R&M made their fans of this era (1920s). 

The FORM T gives your fans date as 1917-18.  The cage would have been wrapped (not welded) steel but could have had some brass wires in it.  The blade, most likely, would have been gold painted steel or brass plated steel.  WWI you know so the use of brass was curtailed by some fan makers.

Color was probably a shade of dark or olive green typical of GE fans of this time.  Look in the nooks and crannies or inside the base to see if you can see some unmolested original paint.  GE fans were black until about 1916 when they went with dark green in various shades through the 30s on most of their models.

Parts should be reasonably easy to find with some looking and a want ad on the buy-sell-trade forum.  The best part is that your fan was made during a time when it was one of the better models of the GE AOU oscillator and it isn't too rare to find parts.

Ask your Grandpa if he remembers the fan when it had a GE cage on it.  Maybe the fan fell and the cage got killed.  It's also possible that someone built the fan up from a parts fan and other parts.

See if you can read the date on the paper tag on the bottom of the fan.  It's manufacture date would be sometime after that, as much as several years perhaps.