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 Posted: Fri Mar 4th, 2016 02:18 am
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Russ Huber

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Some of those stators are in the housing so tight I have used plan B. Plan B involves drilling two stator bolt housing holes just wide enough a drift punch gets good footing around the stator bolt hole in the stator. With a large vice you open the jaws just wide enough the lip of the motor housing seats securely on each vice jaw. Stuff a rag under the stator so when you drive it out it doesn't fall on the vice worm screw. After the housing holes are drilled just wide and deep enough, start driving out the stator with the drift punch evenly working back and forth to each of the two holes until is driven out. Careful there is something to catch the stator after you drive it out.

Doesn't matter your method, just make d amn sure your method does not distort that housing, if you do distort it just a tad, you have a high probability your rotor will bind. Good luck after that. :D 

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