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 Posted: Thu Mar 2nd, 2017 02:58 pm
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Lucas Beshara

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Thanks Darrell for your post!  I don't know that there would have been any other way this stubborn stator would have come out.  With the banging method I didn't get it to budge AT ALL. 

I had some 1/4" plate laying around and the first thing I did was drill my center hold and line the center of front housing up on that hole with a 1/4 bolt.  Then center punched all 4 holes with the front housing centered with the 1/4" bolt.  drill those out and your in business.

A couple notes is to screw those screws down as far as you can without the plate touching the windings.  I screwed down about 3/4" and turned on the puller.  It just stretched the stator plates where the screws were.  Then I went in ~1" and it started to do the same thing so I heated, still the same... No stator movement.  Finally with heat and pounding on the side of the case, (no blow hammer), with pressure from the puller it started to came out.  These things are a bear!