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 Posted: Sun May 21st, 2017 10:53 pm
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Tom Dreesen

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We have so many threads going on things so I thought I will add to this one instead of a new thread.  

I thought I had posted this one before but couldn't find it.

This is a Century model 179 closed top.  It was black without brackets or blades.

Even I tire of black.

The brackets are aluminum repops I got somewhere in hammered copper now.

The bottom and top are hammered copper.

The nose is distressed copper.

The blades are new ash wood stained cherry.

First the blades.  5/4 stock cut length wise, then planed, then rough blades cut.

Century has a taper from fan to edge which was done with a belt sander and 40 grit.

Then 80 grit on an orbital, then finally 220 grit, then stain and clear coat.

And the final blade

And the fan