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 Posted: Sat Jan 13th, 2018 07:49 am
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Objective: ADD WIRES. Then, hope it doesn't shoot out flames like it did the first time!

So I'm back from the break, found the gasket from Mr. Lane Shirey in the mailbox (did I write in thanks for that gasket Mr. Shirey? It fit perfectly! Thanks a lot.) Also, I found my wires, which is 8' of cloth covered cord, a Bakelite 2 prong plug, and--a 3 strand headwire! Found all these at Grand Brass Lamp Parts. I might not have a grand brass lamp whatever that is but the wiring is good for fans.

Tomorrow it's time to go out & purchase a soldering iron. Maybe I can get it running in a day or two. I did polish the blades and knocked most of the grime off the cage--it's going to be a "patina" fan, not a glossy new-old-stock restoration. Us lazy repairmen have some cool looking antiques.

Thanks to everyone who sent the wiring diagrams; I found some old gauges in the basement I believe are or were ohm meters. This ought to work.

In the meantime I am working on a 1926 Manning-Bowman coffee urn, capable of making nine cups of pure deliciousness! It runs perfectly but needs a good cleaning. I might get into antique electrical goods--but gotta start up that fan first.

One little trick I found--daub Testor's Model Enamel on the places where the paint has rusted through. It isn't a perfect match but neither is a big rust hole. I figure it's 100+ years old and can look a little tattered...can't wait to see it run again!

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