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 Posted: Thu Jul 12th, 2018 01:45 am
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Adjusting the vertical position of the large wheel:

To get the longest life and prevent binding, the wheel needs to be centered with the worm. Once the motor worm is installed and the large gear is pinned to the oscillator shaft you will notice about 1/16" of vertical movement with hard stops. This is because the worm is slightly recessed into the wheel. Move the gear up and down a few times and guesstimate the center position. Without moving the vertical wheel position and making sure the bottom of the brass collar is seated against the iron frame, tighten the setscrew on the brass collar.

If you run your fan a lot keep an eye on that setscrew to make sure it hasn't come loose. If the gears are still in good condition it will be obvious because the motor will slow down and may not start on its own. If the gears are worn it will continue to wear unevenly as shown in the pic.

Happy fanning!!