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 Posted: Tue Oct 9th, 2018 12:31 pm
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Bill Hoehn

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The 6250's have an interesting history.
Started in 1935 with the patented overlapping blades in aluminum.
1936---a chrome version.
1937---6250 AA---Adj. floor stand.
1939---now 6250 B
1940---6250 D---50th Anniversary---Golden Jubilee---polished Bronze blade & Bronze Lacquer.
1941---6250 AF---Adj floor stand.
1942 to 1945 shortage aluminum with WW II. Some steel blades.
1947---new plant.
1949---6250 D becomes 6250 F---6250 G is Ivory---6250 AF becomes 6250 AJ.
1951---6250 F        "        6250 H with Bronze Baked Enamel.
            6250 G       "        6250 L  in Ivory.
           6250 AJ       "        6250 AK.  
1953---6250 H        "        6250 K.
1955---New Model 6250 M---smaller motor---two through bolts---larger nameplate---transparent decal on top front of motor.
The missing years showed no changes from the previous year.