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 Posted: Fri Oct 12th, 2018 03:37 pm
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Tom Gilreath


Joined: Thu Sep 27th, 2018
Many thanks!  I'm getting ready to strip the old finish off this weekend.  I'm gonna use Klean Strip, I guess, and sand what that doesn't remove.  Once it's cleaned, I plan to paint (the powder coating fell through) it one of my wife's favorite colors which will also blend in while being distinctive to the rest of the colors in our house.  I'm going for a deep candy purple auto paint (don't shoot me, you keep-it-original folks!) which should really look sharp with the highly polished blades.
Hopefully, I can get everything back together in good working order.  BTW, what insulating varnish do you recommend for the windings?  I assume I should apply that before putting on the new cloth electrical tape wraps, yes?

You guys have really been a great help, so far.  Thanks!