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 Posted: Fri Nov 30th, 2018 05:37 pm
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Peter Buffo

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Allen Bennett wrote: The black crud on the outside of the rotor can be cleaned off   I used mineral spirits and fine sandpaper.   The wicks should be replaced.  On the bottom are two brass plugs with screwdriver slots.  Soak with penetrate overnight if they won’t easily unscrew.  Once removed, make a note of how deep the wicks were seated before removing them.  Push the old wicks to the center and remove through the shaft openings.  Push out the upper wicks the same way.   You’ll need new wicking felt (1/4” diameter, if I remember) which is readily available on eBay or Amazon.  Cut the four wicks to length and install the upper ones first by pushing them in from the bottom where the brass plugs were removed.  You may need to guide them a little to get them started in the upper oiling tubes.  Install the bottom wicks.  After you’ve installed the rotor/shaft, turn the motor so the bottom wicks are facing up and fill with 3-in-1 brand motor oil (blue top bottle).  Let them soak overnight and top off the next morning.  Install the brass plugs, invert the motor, and repeat the oiling procedure on the upper wicks.

Just my two cents.
Thanks for the two cents! That is very valuable information and experience!
Curious, does anyone have or can someone direct me to an exploded drawing of a 6250? I currently own two and gave one to my girlfriend. They are my go to fans for sleeping and by far my smoothest fans. I’d be interested in any old drawings or advertising that’s out there.
Thanks and cheers!