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 Posted: Thu May 16th, 2019 07:45 pm
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Sean Campbell

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Hello All!I’ve finally decided to let go of my R&M 3600 project fan. I made this decision as a result of trying for more cash for fan fair and simply having fans on my list I want more and limited space. The motor is working and the armature was professionally redone by White’s. It’s in like new condition. Brand new brush springs were supplied by Dennis Lebow. The oscillator is smooth and has been repacked with new Lucas Red and Tacky. Original finish is in decent shape and the brass blades have unmolested patina. Modern cord was attached to test. The only issue this fan has is the bearings are slightly out of alignment. The brushes and wicks could stand to be replaced, but are acceptable as is. Overall it is an almost complete project fan with a newly redone White’s armature.

I will sell for $150 plus shipping. I would also trade outright for an Emerson 29646 or maybe a very good Emerson Jr.I will also consider other offers. Free pickup in Indianapolis area.

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