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 Posted: Fri May 17th, 2019 01:14 am
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William Dunlap

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Completion of this project had to wait for me to finish up current projects and an unfortunate incident with a buffing wheel caused a delay to order some new brass. So I had 3 days to finish this one.I wanted this guy to stand out a bit, so I ordered a pattern stencil from a guy in Australia which is a version of a classic Greek pattern.
Kind of looks like ancient fans to me....
With careful assembly and lubrication on the numerous pivot points I've made it run a bit smoother too. I will likely mount in on my pancake and see how it runs now.
This one will go up for sale soon. I will post it on ebay with a starting bid. I'll post on the BST when that happens. Probably by tomorrow morning, I think.
I ran this one for about two hours last night without incident. and I now have great confidence that it's as good as I can make it.

If the question is how do you make a deflector, the answer I would give is, one piece at a time.

004 by William Dunlap, on Flickr

And make sure the parts play well together.

011 by William Dunlap, on Flickr

Keeping in mind the overall aesthetics of the project.

006 by William Dunlap, on Flickr

Look for ways to improve the design.

012 by William Dunlap, on Flickr

Test it repeatedly to make sure it works as intended. If it doesn't, back up and do it again.
Present the design to the forum for comment, both positive and negative.