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 Posted: Sun Jun 23rd, 2019 03:18 am
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Mike Kearns

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Esteemed colleagues and friends, I have been desperately trying to find out the story of Air-Castle.. to no avail, the company presently remains a mystery. They did not have a trademark registration. They did not hold any utility patents. They did not hold any design patents. I've never seen a brochure, a catalog or even a flyer, with the obvious exception of newspaper advertisements. Their "company" locations are rented offices in office buildings. There is one known location where they assembled sub-contractor produced components: Fourth floor, 2645 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago Illinois. Motors used in production order were: General Electric, Lectro-Max and Universal Electric. The initially named Air-Castle, associated with sales through Sears and Roebuck department stores, in short order became Country-Aire, Pure-Breez and finally All-American. The company folded completely in 1948 officially. 

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