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 Posted: Sun Jun 23rd, 2019 03:19 am
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1947 - The last and most prolific year for Air Castle production.

An Air-Castle of later manufacture, note the center of the base chrome "disk" is no longer present, and the cast blade has been dispensed with:

A later production Air-Castle, note the rear bullet is also painted, no longer plated:

Here's a previously unseen variable: Air-Castle fans marketed under the Country-Aire label by mail-order, August 8, 1947: 

Fans are marketed as "Pure-Breez" 1114, South Michigan, Chicago, Illinois

An eight-inch fan was marketed under the Pure-Breez label, a "microphone-style" manufactured for what was formerly Air-Castle by Alliance Electric, makers of various-branded microphone fans since 1935:   

Pure-Breez eight-inch example, courtesy of the Selchow Collection:

All American makes it's appearance, advertising for assemblers, 4th Floor, 2645 South Wabash, Chicago, Illinois. I believe this is proof Air-Castle hired sub-contractors to manufacture motors, blades, cages, badges and assembled them in house on delivery.

 There seems to be a transitional period between "Pure-Breez" and "All-American"

All-American Electrical Mfg. Co., 1114 South Michigan, Chicago, Illinois. This is an example of the All-American brand three-speed oscillator, which makes use of castings. Images courtesy of the Durbin Collection:

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