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 Posted: Wed Aug 7th, 2019 12:39 am
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Are there any parts, in particular, that hold your interest? I have the entire fan. I disassembled the motor from the frame and removed the fan blade from the motor's shaft. The switch was removed, too, but I left the wires going to the motor intact. All said, it's in four parts/assemblies.-
*The main frame, with rear mesh guard
*The motor, with wires and switch attached
*The front mesh guard
*The blade assembly, including the motor-shaft mount piece with the three blades, attached.
The motor is, literally, toast. I did not attempt to disassemble the motor housing. I witnessed the fire, unplugged it immediately, and blew the fire out with my own wind (aka lungs and lips).
All components, have oxidation/rust. I took it from an ex-girlfriend, about 25 years ago, because she was going to throw it out and I thought it was a cool fan (no pun intended). I used it, sporadically, until it gave up the Ghost.
Shipping of the main housing, would require a crate or heavy-duty, large, cardboard box. I'm perfectly capable of building a secure, safe crate for transport, but it would probably be pricey to ship. I'm willing to separate the fan housing from the lower legs/wheel assembly to slightly reduce the size/weight of individual packages, but that means there would be an additional parcel to ship. Also, the motor, itself, is heavy.
If you would like to proceed, I'm all ears. Pics, are available, but I think they surpass this site's limitations. 
Thank you for your interest in keeping America's Golden manufacturing efforts, alive. I have a Harley, or two, or three, myself.-Ride on.

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