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 Posted: Sat Aug 10th, 2019 02:07 am
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Roy Smith


Joined: Sat Aug 3rd, 2019
Yes. I still have all components / assemblies.
The retaining nut, is on the switch. It's a multi-speed switch, with a ratcheting speed-change function. I can liberate the switch from the motor with a pair of snips. The switch was functional when the motor went South, but it's dirty.
Flat-rate shipping via USPS is about $11, for a small package, iirc. If you have an immediate use for the switch, PM me your contact info and/or mailing address.
Actually, I don't care about 11 bucks. If you truly have a use for it, it's yours. I'd love to see something from this magnificent piece live on, and contribute to the revival of something else. Wasting time over 11 dollars, is silly.
I'm still considering making wall clocks out of the surround pieces. A cut wheel, some rust remover, media blasting and powder coat, would make them look nice with large clock hands. Perhaps, a machine-turned Aluminum background. I could make, at least, two clocks.
Standing by.