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 Posted: Tue Aug 13th, 2019 03:13 am
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More of a tear, than a crack. It's fiberglass. About 1.5" from outer-most edge, then returning to the edge. Intermediate stage of a chip, or a piece missing, about 1.5" diameter. The damage is to a flat portion of the blade. Applying resin, clamping it between Saran Wrap, and sanding smooth to, at least very closely approximate being a balanced blade, is feasible. Skill level = intermediate to advanced.
Fiberglass repair experience, would be useful, for maintaining balance of the blade assembly. 
I repaired fiberglass canoes, before Al gore invented the internet. I learned the required techniques, from a Public Library. I do not have the desire to repair the blade for a cooked motor.  
The fan is near 5' tall, fully extended.
The horror show, is the motor.
The rest, is media blast and paint / powder coat. I made reference marks during dis-assembly, black "X" marks. They are not defects.
Coincidentally, a friend called me, yesterday, after he assembled a new media blasting cabinet. Wall clocks-from-an-old-fan, is getting very tempting. That's not a threat. I'm holding off on cutting it up for a project du-jour, in hopes that parts might be put towards a restoration. For me, it's not about the money. It's about preserving classic pieces. I'll donate, to an extent, but at some point, custom wall clocks with a Jet-age appeal, will take over and a cut wheel will be applied.
This is an attempt to pay it forward for all the parts, advice and patience others have shared, with me. 
However, the clock is ticking, so to speak.