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 Posted: Tue Nov 26th, 2019 05:46 pm
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Curt Davis

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Upon further reflection we have, regretfully, decided to cancel this Ebay auction.

The correction I posted to the Ebay listing yesterday is appended at the very bottom of our description.  Consequently, we feel that many potential bidders may not see this, especially those that have been following our auctions and have seen all the generic words in our listing template many times.

Further, at this time, we do NOT plan to relist this fan in the remaining JLD auctions this year.  We have only sorted through about half of my dad's inventory of miscellaneous fans, parts, blades, cages, motors, etc.  

So when we have time to sort through the rest of his inventory, we think there is some reasonable chance that we might find the correct cage and blade assembly for this fan.  Given that this GE pancake model is a desirable fan, we think it is best to wait and see if we can find the right parts before we try to sell it again.