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 Posted: Sat Jan 11th, 2020 06:48 pm
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Chad Campbell


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Appreciate all the feedback! Being new to all of this, I get a little over-excited. I need to learn a little patience before jumping in. I’ve been looking around and found a couple of other fans which are much cheaper, not in terrible shape, and would allow me to practice restoring them without much loss if I screw something up.

I found a couple of 16” Emerson 77648. One is the 77648-AS for $75 and price is firm. It runs, a family hand me down. Another is a 77648-AO for $30 and it runs but it is a bit out of my way to get it.

Part of my thinking is get a good fan and practice working on it and learning. My intention is not to resale, although I wouldn’t mind doing that. I think this is a cool hobby and it feels like saving a nice piece of history bringing these fans back to life. I think I’m hooked. I just need to education and knowledge.

Appreciate all of the kind thoughts, opinions and knowledge all of you on the forum have given.