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 Posted: Tue Jan 14th, 2020 08:25 pm
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Chris Wimberly


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Hey fan gurus!
I've got a 16" GE Vortalex F13V164. It was found without the pedestal baseplate and switch. I've restored an earlier model of almost the same type (F11V163 I believe). The earlier model had a speed coil, and the head wire was just a 2-conductor.

This F13V164 has a 4-conductor head wire. Am I to believe that this type does not have a speed coil? Should I just wire it up to a new 3 position switch? If so, what color conductors represent which speed? I circuit diagram would REALLY help!

I have a similar model I am working on, a F12V163. It has a three position switch only. I just want to make sure I can use this model as a guide for wiring up the F13V164.

(Whew! Sorry for all the part numbers!)

Also, what color felt was used for the F13V164? It's a vintage type blue-green fan, so I assume black?

See pictures here!