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 Posted: Sat Feb 29th, 2020 06:22 am
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Mike Kearns

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I've had single speed switches on Signals like that, sort of a push/pull, if I remember right. I can't read your dataplate numbers that well, but member Duane Burright provided a great template to decode your Signal Model 350 dataplate: 

 Month code. Being the 8th letter in the alphabet, this ties in with the 8th month (August)

31 or 34 - Year code, in this case 1931 or 1934.

232 - the number of unit made in the timeframe described above, your fan is the 232nd Type 350 made during that month / year.

So your SN tells me your fan was the 232nd of it's kind made in July of either 1931 or 1934.

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