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 Posted: Sun Mar 22nd, 2020 03:27 am
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Amy Doan wrote: Hi, Andrew - Our shop was across the hall from Tom Gleason's shop. There is a metal shop in our old space now and last I knew, one of the ILG fans is still up in our old office and operable after all these years - a true testament to the quality.   I know I don't have all of the plans, but we do have a good number of them.  The building was so rich in history that we just couldn't see them thrown out.  Hopefully, we will collectively be able to get these to their next home where they can be preserved.

I always wondered what had happened, so at least we can confirm some were saved. I have no doubt that fan is still operational. As far as I know, that big one was operational but wasn't used any more. That's the prize right there. There were a few others being used in various places in the building.

Here's Mikes pictures from when he went up on the roof to see the monster. 

72" Ilg Fan on Top of the Factory