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 Posted: Wed Mar 25th, 2020 09:24 pm
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Chad Campbell


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Welcome Mike!  
I am new to the forum, as of earlier this year, and fan collecting. I’ll share my thoughts. In my initial excitement, I wanted to buy every fan I saw. But I agree with what Steven said Quality vs Quantity. I have 5 now to be worked on. I’ve seen probably 25 others that I wanted to buy.  Most of them were not great ones to buy and the members here helped me see that. Some were too much trouble to fix, and the members here helped me see that. What I’ve found is that by doing some searches and reading on the forum, you learn a lot pretty quickly. And now when I see a fan, I take a little time to check it out, try to check the forum searches to see what other members say about it, and then make a decision to buy or not. I still like finding the fan and checking it out, but I also don’t feel so bad walking away now. 

What also has happened is that by being patient and looking around, I’ve found a couple that I liked way better than the ones I left behind. I’d rather pay $100 for one I really like than 2-3 fans for a total of $100 thats more trouble than its worth. Now my excitement is being patience and landing a good one at a good price for me. But I also don’t have the space right now to have 25 fans so I have to be selective. Plus, I’m easily over my head with some repairs. 

You may find there’s a certain brand or size you like. 2 of my 5 fans are 16” fans. They are so big. I prefer the smaller ones. So I may pass on a decent 16” fan because of space unless it was really nice or somewhat rare. 

You’ll also learn that some fans are easier to work on than others. That’s important for me and has saved me some money thanks to the members here.