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 Posted: Thu Sep 10th, 2020 10:23 pm
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Hello friends:
You know I recently purchased a bunch of fans a couple of Sundays ago. I've sold a few and now I'm offering two more. The first is a rather rare fan (so I'm told). It's rare because it is a 133 cycle (Hz) Emerson. I connected it to my VFD and it ran strongly however there was no discernable difference in the three speeds. Other than that, It is in very good condition as you can see below. The price is $500 plus shipping. I have ordered the rubber feet for it from Darryl Hudson and I will also provide six feet of cloth covered wire and a period correct plug from Vintage wire with the sale.

I did remove the rotor and cleaned and polished it. I also cleaned up the speed coil and put some shrink wrap on the wires where they enter the head case after I applied some liquid tape to a couple of frayed spots. Other than that, what you see is what you get. The japanning is in decent shape and could be cleaned a little more.

Below is the second fan which is an Emerson 27645 which will be sold for $250 plus shipping. I completely disassembled and cleaned this fan including polishing the rotor, replacing the head wire with Tony Clayton wire and completely serviced the ball detent which works perfectly. I did have to strip and paint  the gear case and the neck pieces (two coats of automotive primer and two coats of advanced formula Rustoleum). This japanning on the base and the head case are original. The fan runs strong and true on three speeds. The low speed is barely louder than a whisper which makes this a great fan for a desk or a small room. It's hard to find an intact ball detent. You can see that I didn't paint the ball detent. I left that stripped and polished as I don't like to get the paint into the mechanism which may interfere with the way it works. It is thoroughly cleaned and oiled. I stripped and painted the cage which is steel. The blades are brass and need to be polished. The spider could be painted. The bottom cover was stripped to bare metal and primed with automotive primer (both sides) and covered with new black felt. 

I will provide six feet of cloth covered vintage wire and a period correct plug (from Vintage Wire and Supply) with the sale. PM me with questions.

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