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 Posted: Thu Sep 23rd, 2021 02:29 pm
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Thank you vey much for your reply. I have found assistance quite lacking locally. Maybe I do not travel in the correct circles and I am not looking in the right places. To my knowledge motor shops to canvass for advice are almost non existent locally. The only shop I know of locally closed as the gentleman was probably in his 80s if I had to guess. So since I am a do it myself kind of guy here we are. The problem lies in the fact that at my skill level I am more of a cosmologist. I have become rather good at putting lipstick on proverbial pigs. 
I guess the question now is how to get this thing running. I believe some testing may be in order first though. Firstly, after some ohm testing what would be considered an acceptable meg ohm value for these coils? Is there anything, procedurally, I want to consider when ohm testing this that would differ from the AC motors I have? Secondly, I do not see amperage information anywhere, does anyone know what would be acceptable?

It's not a fan but, this is my current project which is still underway.

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