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 Posted: Mon Oct 4th, 2021 05:44 pm
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Thank you for the reply Bill. I guess my next question to the folks reading this would be which bridge rectifier, specifically, would I want for this.  Now I know there have been several posts where this has been discussed and folks have been guided to one or the other. I ask this because some of those posts are older. Most of what I have seen comes from Radio Shack, which to my knowledge is no longer. I could be wrong on that and please correct me if I am not on point. Also since there is more than one available on the internet I ask to determine if one seems better suited than another. I would hate to put one on and a year later have it fail when all I had to do is ask. I don't believe in going in to something blind and stepping into the dark. I like to be as informed as possible so I can plan ahead.