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 Posted: Fri Oct 8th, 2021 02:33 am
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Jan Hendriks

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Hi all,      Nichrome wire , many years ago on here ,think :wondering: i saw a post on Insulated Nichrome wire ??  
Reason i ask ,
 from time to time i go thru the process of winding N wire around a circular core , never easy as the wire is very springy ....If i go smaller diametre wire , the more turns i have to make to get the resistance i need ..
ONE mistake and its back to square one ....if the wire was insulated , hey would make life so much easier for me ...
any help ...thanks 

     I have a rare fan  :D  32 volts ...have made a complete switch assembly , after a member here sent me pics etc of a original one ..rare yes ,there are two of them ...with in the afca ..

Mine is missing a switch

My first switch made from scratch...  The 4 little nuts i i done on a little lathe 
    and a home made attachment to Slit the tops of the bolts .8 mm slot much fun making this ..

A fine fan friend supplied the white electricains "fuse board"   that gave me just enough to cut out ..board had a lot of pre..holes ..

3 speed   ...

 Can see why the need for a Nichrome wound resistor ... :D

while im here ...

This fan has a Unique lubrication system ..
      A small brass ring, spins from contact with the armature shaft , spinning thru the oil in the cover

         cover below arrow is wher oil filler location arrow  drain plug

 in my hand..all brass cast and machined piece 

Once the cover is attached , the bolt used passes thru the lower part of the brass ring a sort of keeper 

The fan awaiting a speed coil ..

Well , hoping someone can help on the wire  ..and hope you enjoyed the lube..system .
Cheers from down here have a great day  :hammer: