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 Posted: Fri Oct 22nd, 2021 12:14 am
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Jan Hendriks

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Hi Steve , thanks mate ..did receive some help thru messages       

Thomas ,. yeah like em odd..

This ones got me beat ?.....BGS    

Solid, well built..very similar to a Dr Max 

...bolts ,  blade to cast hub attachment

front and rear covers have location pins ...big open vents ...not a max but a good    copy ?

Made in a  German speaking country ...

Very odd strut location 

Badge below 


big vents 

finished in RP japan  with new wings, brush holders & caps  etc ..

sits nicerly ..but if only ..had a cage 

 has  any body  seen this model ?   no prob making a cage ..just need to know what ??

    Thanks too ....will miss this old site , been apart of my day for a very long time ..

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