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 Posted: Fri Oct 22nd, 2021 11:47 pm
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Jan Hendriks

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Hi Steve  ,          
Received this reply a while back from Pete Moulds 
BGS or BSG ?
I have a few ideas on your BGS fan and I think you are right it is likely German in origin or just possibly from a German speaking country.
The design of the label with the plain brass oblongs being stamped with numbers is very like AEG.

AEG named their fan models as follows;
G for Gleichstrom  for direct current or 
W for Wechsel-oder Drechstrom or alternating current

The second letter seems to be a model number (B in this case and yours too) with the early massive AEGs designed by Peter Behrens.
The number 30 following is the diameter of the cage in cm or 10s of cm in the above case..

I suspect that part of the problem chasing down the name is because the name was BSG. The G being for Gesellschaft or Company in German?