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 Posted: Wed Nov 3rd, 2021 12:00 am
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Jim Humphrey

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Just started disassembly of a 12" Hurricane oscillator, thought I'd be able to remove the gearbox by taking off side cover and the driven worm wheel and then just basically unscrew the worm from the wheel and the gearbox would come right off.  Ain't so, I think the worm and the driven gear don't come apart by unscrewing because the rotor moves back but not enough to clear the worm.  Would appreciate some knowledgeable help here on how to get this thing apart for cleanup and relube.  Here's some pics:

Side cover coming off:

Remove left side drive gear & pinion.

Thought rear cover would come off, but worm hung up on worm gear.

This definitely ain't a BFH operation but I can't push the worm wheel out the right side, so hopefully someone can help me finish the disassembly without all the drama and eventual damage!!  Thanks folks!  Jim