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 Posted: Tue Nov 16th, 2021 11:27 pm
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Jan Hendriks

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Reporting back on Tony's wire  multiple runs over the last week , decide is time to empty oil tanks and check visually ..
no sign of any "disruption" or shorts in wire .. :clap:   mate i  recon you nailed this .

sorry bit blurry ..but is as i wrapped it

A rare fans gets another lease on life ..lucky  :D ..

Over the last year, i have enjoyed restoring Delios' and finding new and unexpected homes
 for them , i seem to have a few of em always about why not ..

 I all so take great pleasure in seeing my fans and parts around the world on friends shelves ..

:D   When Tony sent me the message . stating "he'd have a go at this " where was there any mention of $$..all i knew that , super fast and wire was on my door stop..A true gentleman .
mmmm. :light:
so i look around the shop.. 
aha ..some cast iron on the "pile" has  been cleaned ..but not much else 
a quik resto took place ...i squeeze this fan in under pressure ..ha  

My good friend..not as perfect as i like ..but runs fine 
most of it is new ..cage ,blade, brush holders etc ..and Ricks japan alway a winner 

you may want to change the cord and plug   :P

      I get this of in next few days recon post be slow ..will be a wait as the xmass rush? 
 Tony ,hope you have room for a marelli    
  they do grow on you , and one is a lonely number :cool:

cheers from here ..thank you all .