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 Posted: Mon Nov 22nd, 2021 06:29 pm
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circa 1925 Westinghouse 315745A 12" stamped steel fan.   Fan would not run, and and after several attempts at wiring it up, I was convinced the coil was shot.  I kept fiddling with the coil and finally got the fan running perfectly on all three speeds.  Current draw on L,M & H was 0.42, 0.51, and 0.74 amps, respectively.  I could only guess there was some sort of connection problem because previous attempts when wired exactly the same way were unsuccessful.
Now the bad news.  I ran the fan for several hours a day over the past week without a hint of problems.  Current draw and motor temps were always good.  I was going to deliver the fan to my customer tomorrow, but when I turned it on this morning for one last test run, the coil "popped" and smoke poured from the base.  I unplugged it immediately, removed the head wires from the switch and tested the motor leads.  The Ohm readings were exactly the same as when I started on the fan, so I believe the motor is ok.

So, I guess the coil was suspect after all, but I don't know who to contact for a rewind.  The customer does want me to try and get it repaired.