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 Posted: Fri Jan 7th, 2022 11:45 pm
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Jan Hendriks

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Tony Clayton wrote: The second run done. Nomex applied differently than the first style twisted like original to the day years ago. 30AWG 7ohms per foot.

Hi mate , it gets better ? looking good .. :hammer:
  what was left of the original wire you sent, was enough to wire up to original 3 speed specs 
your Delio's  big brother, 12" Bisa 

The third fan in the set, rare  16" ball motor Ghibli..
  needs a speed coil tooo.. :wondering:

this fan is a daily runner , can operate 24/7,..Built up season here in the tropics , 
my fans do get a work out ..
again Tony, hats off to you mate ...a much needed product .
cheers jan

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