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 Posted: Wed Jan 26th, 2022 01:50 am
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Jan Hendriks

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Hi again....lots of views on this post            great job   Tony,  

               Back home for a day and next door hands me the post ....

assortment of wire ,   wow ...i ask for pig tail wire for brush holders and  the new improved N wire ..
speechless again ..every thing i can think of, use for wire  is here   !!

Next is color coded wire  ..a signature wire color for use on my fans only  eh  ...

New N wire   ....tony can let you know what im looking at , but is braided...more secure 

An example on wire use    :D ...this is a base of a bisa ..
.a slip ring is being mounted ..(where once a tube shaped   speed coil was located)
 ,        under brass cap in pic....

a new position and a shape ,can now be made for a speed coil ..this is not possible with out Tony's help

 ha where do i want it...:light:..a brass tube with the wire cemented in side will rotate inside the bored out 
   center shaft ? bit.... hey bit in pic , holds the yoke .. :P..idea being all will spin 360
proto type was knocked up down stairs pic new plates made for machining ..

great work ..i using/learning  a new phone for pics .
Tony you may want to drop some better pics down here .., .
cheers my friends