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WTB Emerson Choke Coil  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 02:02 pm
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Rick Eisenbeisz
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Joined: Fri Mar 14th, 2014
 Seems there‚Äôs a few choke coils that will work on a 16666, so choke coil for a 21646, 24646 or 29646 should  work. Thanks.  

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 Posted: Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 07:56 pm
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Tom Newcity

Joined: Sun Nov 27th, 2005
Location: Fort Smith
Where did you get your information?

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 Posted: Fri Sep 24th, 2021 04:22 am
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Alex Rushing
AFCA Member

Joined: Thu Dec 14th, 2006
Location: Montgomery, Alabama USA
Tom Newcity wrote: Where did you get your information?
I've done extensive and long term experimentation that shows the wattage and amperage are close enough the assemblies are compatible. I use one of your porcelain base 29646 assemblies in my bedside 27666, purchased from AFP. It is ran on low or medium. High for oscillating and moving air around. Longest run on medium was 11 days(24hrs a day). At that point, it seemed if it was going to fail,.it would have.
I've repeated the testing with an original 29646 choke as well in my 17666 switch assembly and rewound motor.
Monitoring choke heat and motor heat, there was little to no difference when using a 21666 choke. 6-pole 12" big motors and 4-pole 12" small motors use nearly identical wattage and amperage.

There really isn't much "information" to go on. Just experimentation after contemplating the amperage and wattage similarities on each set of coils. It is easy to try it for yourself. In your notebook drawing of the old and newer wiring diagrams, one of the two always functions within correct parameters.

Several other members have transplanted 29646 chokes into 6-pole big motors.
The only configuration that was a massive, overheated failure was using a 29646 choke on a big 4-pole 27648 motor. I kind of knew it would be a flop, but all the crap was out to try it. I have had some success, at least running about 40hrs, a 29648/73648 small motor choke in the big 4-pole 27648. It runs a bit too warm and I'd not recommended it for long term usage. Testing a 4-pole big motor? Yes. Using it long term? It is a no.

Nobody has reported overheating or amperage/wattage issues with 29646 chokes in big 12" 6-poles.

It was a conceptualized, conducted, confirmed and repeated experiment.
The quandary arose when I noticed a massive shortage of XX666 chokes and/or switch assemblies. There is no shortage of 29646 parts. Especially non-brass versions. 

I have other interesting compatibilities I'll post another time. This isn't something pulled out of my backside. I Spent three weekends experimenting and testing, on my own fans, to see if I could find a simple solution to the issue.

Hope that covers the question of where the information came from. 

Edit: Should be noted ALL chokes mentioned are non-capacitor(AK) chokes. These do not function right without large capacitors, and still they're not rated at the 0.9-1.2A the older 6-pole big motor and small 4-pole motor chokes are(AKs being nearly half).

Last edited on Fri Sep 24th, 2021 04:26 am by Alex Rushing

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