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 Posted: Fri Oct 15th, 2010 05:51 am
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Steve Stephens

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Pancakes aren't that great anyway. Mediocre motors that take a lot of time to come up to speed. Flimsy cages. Speed coils that go "pop". And they don't look that good either.

They are dangerous with their exposed terminals on the motor and that, if nothing else, should make these fans unacceptable for use. I know Consumers Reports rates them "Not Acceptable". Don't buy one; you will be wasting your money.

There, that should lessen the demand and cause the prices to fall. Strange thing, I see the pancake prices slowly increasing over the years, not decreasing as some BB/BC fans have been doing. People must like them and the demand is strong. Too many people know how neat they are and are bidding up the prices. I'm glad I got mine when I did though their prices weren't all that much lower. In my opinion, a GE pancake is a must in a collection of early fans.