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 Posted: Sun Oct 17th, 2010 08:46 pm
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Steve Stephens

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William, you are right about values. I'm sure that I have paid a very high price for a few fans that I really wanted AND someone else wanted them almost as badly. In most cases I don't regret paying over "market" for certain machines. It's somewhat offset by good deals on other fans.

Now that you are getting a nice antique mechanical item from the US how about shipping an old British mechanical item back to the US as a form of Trade Balance. I think a decent, not too perfect, C-Jag would do. If you ship it to me I'll pay the shipping plus pay for your pancake. If that's not possible a Morgan trike or Velocette will be good.

Don't forget the speed coil brackets you need when you are gathering parts to finish your new cake. I, too, am very fond of the 16" stick pancake.