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 Posted: Sat Oct 23rd, 2010 07:16 am
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I checked my GE sidewinder and found half of the base tag there (photo below). Since this was GE's first oscillator and the tag states on it "ALTERNATING CURRENT OSCILLATING FAN MOTORS" it would be pretty certain that, on other GE oscillators, the words "OSCILLATING FAN" would appear as on this sidewinder as well as the later teens AOU oscillating fan motors. Doesn't it seem that the collar oscillator would also have an "oscillator" tag on the bottom? The "L" number on my sidewinder is L-10416. None of the rest of the bottom of the tag is present.

It's always possible that any "original and never molested" fan was actually molested or slightly modified in its early years while undergoing periodic maintenance and repairs. A motor shop might not really care which bottom plate came off what fan when replacing the plates.

No tag on my kidney osc., a three star osc. has "OSCILLATING FAN" on the tag yet a 2 star does not have "the words"- only Alternating Current Fan Motor.

A 1920 Form V brass bell oscillator and the last before GE began to use felt baseplates also has OSCILLATING FAN on the tag.
I think the jury is still deliberating on this issue and we'll need more examples to tell us what's what.

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