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 Posted: Sun Apr 3rd, 2011 08:28 pm
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Lewis Fitzgerald-Holland

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Kim Frank wrote:
Steve Stephens wrote: Why would GE make a pancake, Type UI Form F9 with a June 25, 1901 patent date on the tag? That's a 1900 model, right? 1901 would be a Type A_ Form A right?

So how does a 1901 patent date get on a 1900 fan that appears completely original?Or just let's guess a logical reason cause what I see is for real, especially on my 1900 model with the 1901 patent date. No question it's a 1900 model made in the last half of 1901. However, the serial number 181508 on that fan places it as being made in 1904. Anyone have an idea of how that fan came to be? A back switch, smooth motor that was made in 1904? GE did some things that do not compute if you are trying to compute from what they USUALLY did.

My 1900 trunnion is type UI form E9 with a no. 45111. Puts it squarely in the early part of 1900. Last patent date on tag is May 27, '90. My stickmount is type UI form F with a no. 132920, putting it late in the 1902 production run. Last patent date on tag is June 25, 1901. Both fans have the earmarks that make up a 1900 fan. No explaining it, but if I had to..........Aliens did it.....  Hey Ron, I need thirty eight of those certificates and a letter of authenticity that my smooth base '99 belonged to Abe Lincoln.......

:imao, we'll just never know...