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 Posted: Thu Feb 21st, 2013 07:20 pm
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Tim Marks wrote:

Could you explain the difference so I can keep my eyes open?


Tim, there are a few differences between the 1912-13 and 1914-15 models of the Westinghouse 12 and 16" fans. I am not sure those pair of two year breakdowns are exactly to the year but close enough.

The first of the SS Westy has a power cord that enters the base at the very bottom while the next version c.1914-15 has the power cord entering the base about 1" up from the base flange.

Another giveaway is the motor tag with a last patent date of 1914 on the 1914-15 model plus a small circle with a "W" in it on that later tag.

I think, also, that the 1914-15 and later models have a small "port" where the head wire comes out of the motor so, if that needs to be changed, it should be an easier job than on the earlier Westy motor where you absolutely have to pull the stator.

1913 micro date motor tag below with last patent date of 1912 which is, presumably, similar to the 1911 micro date tag models in most ways. Still no suffix letter on the Style No.

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