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 Posted: Thu Feb 28th, 2013 10:24 pm
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Dustin Meyer

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Okay gents I'm sorry for bringing this up in the first place, I certainly didn't want this to lead to any hard feelings. It's all samantics at this point, all I need some small brass fasteners whether they are called rivets, escutcheon pins, finish nails, or anything else. It will all work out in the end and I only need 4 of them in the first place. I assume we all are working on these old fans for some of the same reasons. We all have our own ideas about how to go about our work and there is no right or wrong and we should all respect the other guy's right to do as he wishes with his fan. Personally I joined AFCA to take advantage of the knowledge, advice and expertise of the members who have been doing this a while. So far I have been helped by a number of members with parts, diagrams, tips and techniques and more. Kim Frank is helping me with a coin op fan by providing parts and advice because as a novice I need his help. However what I don't like to see on the forum is members being critical of other members because they don't like what they did or didn't do to a restoration. I don't recall seeing any forum rules that dictate how a fan must be restored or painted or anything else. So lets all play nice and have respect for the other guy. This is the USA and within reason we can do what we want, when we want, and how we want, and that applies to fans as well. As the old saying goes if you can't say something nice don't say anthing at all.