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 Posted: Thu Apr 25th, 2013 07:54 pm
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Steve Cunningham

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I've traveled distances to attend auctions. I walk in and everybody is there. I did attend a clock auction once. Everyone knew it was happening. But the ads came out after the auction. They held it 75 mikes south of Houston, on Super Bowl Sunday. A few of us showed up. I got a nice clock for very little.

There was a fan auction in 1998 or 1999 just outside Kansas City. It was advertised. The fan club members came. Each got a fan they wanted. They were still bidding against the locals.

The Owl's Head Auctions were held in Owl's Head, Maine. I flew to Boston, then took a prop to Portland, and drove to the Auction. They had about 600 buyers there, and who knows how many more on the phone. The Internet was in it's infancy then, so no on-line bidding. They sold 900 items in one day in 1994. We went back in 1997. They had a couple of USEL motors, and I wanted one. A man named Sandy Weill showed up. He was Chairman of Citibank, and bidder #150. Someone had helped him decide what was best and marked his catalog. If he wanted it, he just held up his number ti they said "Sold!" I think he bought 65% of the auction.

I hope someone like that doesn't come to Conneticutt.