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 Posted: Sun Apr 28th, 2013 04:31 pm
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John Trier

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Auction stories: Steve ...... I was at the Kansas City auction you referred to. The most memorable and fun auction ever. Geoff, Loyd Davis, many other afca members were there hooting it up. We stayed out of each others way from time to time and bid against each other too. Never had so much fun at an auction in my life. I had the privilege in buying the feather vane for another member who could not attend. Couldn't get the blade off and successfully shipped it crated with blade attached. We were buying fans in the parking lot after the auction too.

Another in Winterset where a Perret motor sold and I bid against Loyd Davis and lost. Loyd knew I was bidding and afterwards all but gave me a hug.

Concerning the Elli Buk auction. In other areas, very important and rare items sold for pennies on the dollar. I can't explain it on such a well advertised auction.