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 Posted: Mon Apr 29th, 2013 02:33 am
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John Trier

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John Rothrock wrote:
John, I think their mistake might have been flooding the market with too much at one time. I think (and hindsight is 20/20) that they should have split it into 2 separate auctions several months apart. They would still have had huge auctions that drew attention from afar. A lot of things didn't seem to reach their auction estimates, and the high buyer's premium may have been part of the cause, buyer's premium where I'm from is always 10% and I have never paid sales tax in NC either. But really I think they flooded the market the example I would point to was the microscopes--They had maybe 150 of them, even if you had 20 hardcore microscope guys in attendance, they can all take home 7-8 without getting into wars with each other. It's hard to go all in on something when you know there are 100+ still to be sold. I'm sure the best ones still brought good money, but the rest would bring less. Same thing with all the medical equip, even if you're buying to resell, you can't get overloaded with too much of the same stuff. Would really like to have seen this stuff in person--Glad to see Nick didn't drive up the prices too much---Remember the final auction price comes down to 2 people--they're the only ones that really matter in the end.
Yes .... very true. But there was a microscope marked double pillared microscope by Bulloch. This is the holy grail of american made microscopes. 7K was an absolute steal and I don't get it since microscopes are particularly hot right now and this was so well advertised. A much lesser Bulloch model sold for $8600 on ebay a few months ago. All this makes one re think our collections as we eventually take up the rocking chair and prepare for the journey to the Grey Havens.