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 Posted: Sun Aug 25th, 2013 06:24 am
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I think badges for 1904-1908 pancake would or could be the same.  The BMY badges have those crimping fingers so the depth of the stamped badge would have to be greater wouldn't it?  
Compare the badges in posts 17 and 18.  With the advent of the painted badge it changed a lot.  Note the spaces between lines of the GE letters and from the letters to other parts of the badge.  It's really very different in small ways.  Plus the larger dots.  A fan really requires the right sized dots...

Looking at all the badge photos do you see any POLISHED brass?  Those badges are all "original" in that they have not been polished or stripped of what original finish remains.  GE, from what I can tell, used a gilt like finish from at least 1903 to 1916 then painted many parts, now steel, that were brass.  

Prior to 1903 they may have polished the brass but fans that I have seen do not have a finish to indicate what type it was when new.  Starting in 1920 GE went back to brass blade but the began to polish the blades to a mirror finish which lasted until 1930 when the blade material was changed to aluminum, painted GE green

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