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 Posted: Sun Aug 25th, 2013 06:07 pm
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Steve Stephens

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Ted Kaczor wrote: Now, the 1914-16-17 with flat GE lettering could be done upon request.

The later badges for steel blades 2 Star Oscillators and Bell Oscillators are with larger details (bumps and GE letters) but the size (diameter) is the same so it could also be used as a lack of other option.
1914 would be the same as previous years.  1915 brought the change to flattened (sanded?) top surface of the badge, painted background, larger dots, and a change in the GE logo as well as those four raised curly details around the outer part of the badge; they got longer tails.  Spacing of the logo loops and letters is all different from previous years.  But most people probably would not notice those later changes on a fan unless they were to compare side to side.  The majority of people needing a badge would probably want one for the earlier fans anyway.

It was a bit time consuming to take the photos.  My fans are all where I can easily get to them but still require a stool to grab them from their shelves.   The time is worth it because I learn by researching.

Kim, I'd appreciate any comments or corrections you can offer on what I said about the badges.  I know you have been through about 10 or more times the number of GE fans that I have.