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 Posted: Mon Aug 26th, 2013 03:08 am
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Ted Kaczor

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Steve Stephens wrote: Tim Marks wrote: Steve-

Will you be posting these images on to your blog?

I hadn't plans to do so Tim but any new post would be better than the lack of new posts for a long time.  

Kim, I have seen your posts before of the stamped and cast holders for the S-wires behind the badge but have not had a reason to remove my fans' badges or backing plates so I am not seeing the whole story.

I still find it unlikely that GE would mix both wrapped and pinned cages in one year but, then, we wouldn't expect to see a brass cage on a 1923 16" AOU either.  Another 1923 with brass cage showed up on ebay a few weeks ago.  The cage was polished but the seller said when he got it it was painted the same green as the fan as is mine.  I agree with the reinforcing ring inside some 1904 badges, what about 1905?  I think at least one of my 1904 16" pancakes had that reinforcement ring.


 As far as the reinforcing rings, I have a few Pancakes with the rings inside and few without...both original un-restored...not yet.