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 Posted: Mon Aug 26th, 2013 02:47 am
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Steve Stephens

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Kim Frank wrote: I have '04's and '05's with and without the reinforcing ring. Also have them with wrapped rear rings. The most confounding cage I have is on a 16 inch 1904. The badge slips over the s-wires and is held in place by a crimped disk, but the s-wires pierce the back ring.........and why wouldn't GE use both type cages. Do you think they had only one vendor?I don't know if GE had vendors for their cages or made them in-house.   Do you know if they used vendors to make their cages?  This article does not clarify:

As for why GE would not use both wrapped and pinned cages during the same year I would say not so as to keep the cage appearance identical among all fans in that model year.  I would have to see the cages you have had to form another opinion but, as of now, I would say "wrapped or pinned, not both".