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 Posted: Fri Feb 28th, 2014 05:15 pm
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Jay Fontanella wrote: I spoke to Dave Dalsin at length several months ago when I was on my kidney kick and was shocked to hear that people actually complained at the price he was selling them for(which I believe was under 250.00 for the 3 pieces) Being a fabricator and restorer of old cars, I can honestly say that at less than 250.00 Dave was giving them away and providing a serious favor to the fan community. The fact that anyone complained about price, I dont blame him for why he stopped making them.  While I would really like for someone to reproduce them again, I completely understand why no one will. Dave did it as a hobbiest, Darryl is a professional machinist and earns a living doing fabrication. I  am sure  Darryl can speak for himself but I have to think that if he were to even consider doing a repro of those pieces, I am guessing they would be 2x-3x what Dave was selling them for. BTW,  I believe Darryl addressed never wanting to make them in a thread awhile back.

Which is why I quit mass producing parts. Westinghouse acorn nuts, Emerson collars, Dayton pivot knuckle, R&M oscillator wheel. When I worked it out I found that I was working for $.13/hr. And this didn't include the cost of electricity or wear and tear on the machinery. So when I had people tell me my prices were too high, I said, "Enough is enough". 
I appoligize for this rant. But I had to get the burr out from under the saddle as it were.